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Pennsylvania Area Truck & Trailer Sales & Services

From the legendary Mack Truck company of the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania has a long running tradition of truck manufacturing.

This nation depends on a strong trucking infrastructure at the backbone of which is the truck and trailer industry. The trucks of today are more efficient, better built and get better mileage.

The trailers of today are also a far cry from even 5-10 years ago with industry innovations constantly being developed, safety improvements and increases in efficiency as well. 

Industry Overview, Issues, Trends, and Outlook
Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association
Newsletter containing summaries of current legislation, regulations, research, statistics, etc., affecting trailer and tank manufacturers and their suppliers. Not available online; contact association for more information.

Trailer/Body Builders
Trailer/Body Builders Magazine
Industry news and information for producers and sellers of commercial truck bodies, trailers, and truck equipment. Available free online.

Trailer/Body Builders
Annual Survey of North American Trailer Production
Five-year compilation of annual survey of top truck trailer manufacturers in North America. Included in each year's survey is a comparison table with company rank; the trailer, chassis, and container output and totals for two consecutive years. Available free online.

National Trailer Dealers Association
Industry News / Economic News
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Industry news and economic news sections include articles on truck trailer industry issues, trends, and outlook. Articles available free online.

National Truck Equipment Association
Truck Market Snapshot
Articles dealing with the economy and its impact on the truck equipment industry and the outlook for the industry. Articles available free online.

National Truck Equipment Association
Market Intelligence
Articles and statistical data about the truck equipment industry. Articles available free online.

National Truck Equipment Association
Truck Equipment Outlook
Quarterly publication includes analysis of truck equipment product market trends, prices, end use market trends, foreign trade, and forecasts. Available free online.

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